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Your family, your business and your possessions are all important to you, but you may not know how to best protect them. We have the experience to navigate the unique risks you face, serving as your insurance advisor.

Independent by choice

We’re an independent insurance agency in Miami, FL, offering a comprehensive suite of insurance solutions to protect your business and your life from the unexpected. Our group ranks among the largest privately owned firms in the state and we represent the finest and most reputable insurance companies.

We don’t just sell insurance. We work closely with clients to help them make important and informed decisions every day when it comes to protection and their future. We have the resourcefulness to get things done in a timely manner for all of our value added services.

Our insurance advisors make it their business to know your world inside and out. They are there to help you through all the changes in your life and your business, whether you’re going from renting an apartment to buying a home, adding a partner to your business, getting married, renovating your home, adding a teen driver to your auto policy, or revamping your employee benefits plan.

About NSI Group

NSI Group is an independent insurance agency offering a comprehensive suite of insurance solutions to protect your business and your life from the unexpected. Our group ranks among the largest privately owned firms in the state and we represent the finest and most reputable insurance companies.

Oscar Seikaly

Chief Executive Officer and Owner

Jim McCue

Chief Operating Officer

What sets us apart


We give you the power of choice: we represent the highest number of reputable insurance companies for you to choose from


Our team members understand the intricacies and nuances of insurance coverage. We’ve seen it all and will negotiate the best terms on your behalf.


We’re available, reliable, and will get things done. We share a strong passion for protecting what you value most and will advocate to get your claims paid.

Our Accolades

Three consecutive years

We are proud to be named Best Practices Agency by Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America for three consecutive years.


Our trusted partners, and many more

Our Values

We’re an independent insurance agency offering a comprehensive suite of insurance solutions to protect your business and your life from the unexpected.


Providing outstanding service


In adapting to the industry’s new challenges


Our clients’ needs


In our commitment to long-term relationships


In a timely manner


To get things done

Value Added Services

With all our product lines

Global Reach

For access anywhere 
in the world

Community Responsibility

To the people and community where 
we serve


In all we do

What People Are Saying...

Pamela Molloy
Pamela Molloy
20:20 25 Sep 20
The staff is knowledgeable, helpful and they treat you as if they genuinely appreciate your business. Best insurance firm I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with.
Catalina Hart Hidalgo
Catalina Hart Hidalgo
18:10 01 Sep 20
NSI helped me find affordable home and car insurance, and I have been very pleased with the service. My family has used NSI for over 20 years and will continue to use NSI for future insurance needs.
Mitzi Herrera
Mitzi Herrera
16:22 06 Aug 20
Constantly engaging clients and staying on top of all our insurance needs. Great agency, highly recommended for their top notch service and professionalism.
Dillon O'Neil
Dillon O'Neil
16:02 28 Jul 20
they are the best! Patricia is so helpful and wonderful to deal with so accommodating. Helps me through every problem. Annarita Curti
Roseline Bien-Aime
Roseline Bien-Aime
16:15 22 Jul 20
Great working with Patricia Cabarga. Was recommended by a friend and have had great experience! Highly recommend NSI.
Patrick Souki
Patrick Souki
23:05 29 May 20
Been a pleasure working with Laura and her team. They’ve helped me through a complex situation and made the process very seamless. Highly recommend for both personal and business.
Malek J
Malek J
00:13 28 May 20
NSI has been covering our business insurance needs for years. We happen to be in a highly regulated, difficult industry, related to manufacturing, NSI made certain we had the quality insurance required from the top international providers, so when we had issues, NSI came through for us. They work bar none with the best caliber insurance providers. NSI has kept a steady hand all along and... helped us when the going got tough, especially during the 2008 financial crisis period and currently during the COVID pandemic.NSI's process is transparent. it is a thoughtful organization when you need them, which is what matters. I highly recommend NSI.read more
Gabriella Abdelnour
Gabriella Abdelnour
14:59 24 May 20
What a brilliant company. They have been around for 30years and it shows. The amount of knowledge of the market gets you the best deals and the customer service is superbe. I worked with Vicky who is always responsive and gets everything done in a timely manner. I have since referred them to numerous friends who were also pleased with the service they received. Highly Recommend!
Larbi Benslimane
Larbi Benslimane
20:17 22 May 20
Very good professionalism, not driven by commission greed but rather servicing their clients. My company has used NSI on small and larger insurance policies and the service and the execution has been great.Highly recommend.
Ale Aquilina
Ale Aquilina
20:00 21 May 20
The very best! Their customer service is unparalleled and trust me, I've gone through many companies in this industry. Look no further, these guys are the best there is!
Michael Samberg
Michael Samberg
19:20 21 May 20
My favorite insurance agency in South Florida! After moving down from New York I have been through my fair share of companies. This is by far the most professional and responsive so of course the best. Jim and Oscar do a wonderful time making me feel at home!
John Amore
John Amore
19:06 21 May 20
I have been working with NSI for a long time and their customer service has always been on point. They go the extra mile and are very responsive and listen carefully to my wants and concerns, all while keeping a very professional attitude. I commend them for their superb communication and problem resolution skills. Thank you to Ramona for everything!
Nancy McCue
Nancy McCue
17:34 10 Jan 20
I have never dealt with a more professional and responsive representatives. They are friendly and extremely capable.
Rick Gomez
Rick Gomez
14:33 10 Jan 20
Finally, a conscientious and caring insurance company. I highly recommend NSI Insurance Group. Great personalized service.
Collene Brown
Collene Brown
01:34 10 Jan 20
My family has been with NSI for years. I now have my second person that assist me when I need assistance. I have to say that NSI is always there to answer questions and I always get a call back when messages are left. Thank you NSI for caring. My Mother and I really appreciate all the assistance you continue to give us.
Ellen Steinhoff
Ellen Steinhoff
19:54 23 Dec 19
I have always obtained excellent insurance advice and service from NSI insurance group. Maria at NSI has always provided exceptional recommendations for my specific insurance needs. She is a great solution provider exceeding my expectations resulting in timely cost effective insurance answers. I strongly recommend Maria and NS I Insurance Group for your insurance requirements.
Isabel Kanarek
Isabel Kanarek
16:56 20 Dec 19
After reporting the incident, NSI insurance adjusters contacted to schedule apt viewing w/in a few days & were able to adjust their schedule to ours due to the fact that went on a cruise this past Monday. Both independent adjusters were friendly, outgoing, knowledgeable & accommodating.
Simon Drelichman
Simon Drelichman
20:51 19 Dec 19
I had just bought a new home and did not know what kind of insurance that I needed for the property. I called NSI Insurance Group and spoke to one of their agents. The agent sent me proposals from 3 insurance companies and worked with me as to which to select. I got a good and affordable insurance coverage and thanks to NSI, I am able to sleep at night in peace.
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