Home Security and Safety Alarms

There are numerous benefits that a home security system can provide, but many budget-conscious homeowners do not put a high priority on them.  That can become a mistake since, in addition to all the safety and protection features that home security and safety alarms offer, one of their noteworthy advantages is a financial one: they can lower your homeowners insurance premiums!

If you own a home, homeowners insurance is a necessity.  The cost of the insurance varies based on several factors, including the type of coverage, payment options, location, insurance provider, and the kind of home you are insuring. While you might not be aware of every element that contributes to your homeowners insurance premium, you should know that almost every insurance company provides a substantial discount to owners who have home security and safety alarms.

Do I have to pay thousands of dollars to protect my home with a security system?

While there are some costly systems out there, do-it-yourself home security systems help customers to avoid steep installation fees by allowing them to do the work themselves. These systems are typically easier to install than the more complicated wired types.

There are two other advantages that these systems offer. The first one is the flexibility to situate the equipment where it is less obvious. The second feature is that people who opt for these alarm systems are often not required to lock into a contract–and this is especially attractive for those who rent, move frequently, or are on a tight budget. One additional benefit: Because these are wireless systems, one can avoid the hassle of drilling and the expense of a landline.

Security and alarm plans can be set up to fit your home

A typical 10-piece security system costs includes:

  • one base station
  • one keypad
  • two entry sensors
  • two motion sensors
  • one siren
  • one smoke detector 
  • one glass break sensor 
  • one security camera

Consider a water sensor alarm

One of the newest features in the home safety industry is a water sensor that detects and alerts you of water leaks via a mobile app so you can repair them quickly before they have a chance to do costly damage and flooding. You place the sensor near water pipes or other leak-prone areas to help avoid expensive insurance claims and keep your home protected.

Smart home compatibility

Most home security and alarm products work with your favorite devices to provide smart security. You can use your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-free voice commands. Many security brands are also compatible with August Smart Locks to connect and control your door’s security with your smartphone from practically anywhere.

Security cameras can add another layer of home protection

The coronavirus pandemic is still with us, causing many people to continue social distancing and follow CDC guidelines. With a video doorbell, available from several manufacturers, you can check the front door without opening it. 

You can stop “porch pirates” and package thieves by installing one of these smart video doorbells. It can alert you if someone is at your door and allow you to see and talk to them through your smartphone. 

Smart video doorbells are also convenient for anyone with mobility issues. If you can’t get to your front door quickly, you can use your smartphone to tell the visitor to wait until you get there. 

Other strategically-placed security cameras allow you to see and hear what is happening—inside and outside—with a 120-degree field of vision and night vision.  With some cameras, you’ll be able to access your video recordings for up to 30 days with options to save, download, and share them.

Save money by investing in your safety and security

You could receive a home insurance discount if you protect your home with a security system. Check with one of the experts at the NSI Insurance Group for more information on homeowners insurance discounts for installing home security and safety alarms. Fill out our contact form, call us at 305-556-1488, or send us a message at info@nsigroup.org.

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