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Best Coverage For Your Jewelry

Your precious valuable belongings are meant to be kept and passed on to loved ones. In the event of loss through theft, accident or natural disaster, we can get the protection you need. 

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Protection that protects your biggest asset

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Jewelry insurance Faqs

Should I insure My jewelry?

It should definitely be considered when it comes to expensive and hard to replace jewelry, such as engagement rings, wedding bands and family heirlooms.

How much should jewelry insurance cost? 

Premium rates for insuring jewelry are typically around 1-2% of the jewelry’s value.

Do I have to buy extra insurance to cover my jewelry when I’m abroad?  

No need. As long as your coverage is broad, jewelry insurance coverage will travel with you even when you are out of the country.

What happens if I find the jewelry I filed a claim for? 

This happens quite often, actually! And if this happens to you, make sure to contact us immediately. Failing to notify your insurer that you found jewelry you filed a claim for is considered insurance fraud, which is a criminal offense. 

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Jay Parker

CEO, Florida Brokerage, of Douglas Elliman

My experience with NSI was mind-blowing in terms of service, diligence and how they provide a higher level of care. They are constantly looking to provide me with added value, not to upsell me but to provide more comprehensive service at a lower price.


Jeff Grady

President & CEO, Florida Association of Insurance Agents

There’s more institutional knowledge at NSI than in most places in Florida. They have real knowledge about their craft…it’s often not just about the price of insurance, it’s about the right coverage and finding the right company.



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